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Grace Photography | Northern Ireland | UK | International | Wedding Photographer

We are wedding Photographers based in Northern Ireland. We not only shoot weddings here but also in Ireland, the UK and internationally too. We wouldn’t be your typical wedding photographers… if you have been checking out our site we hope its because you fancy something a little bit different. We love people and couples who appreciate photography. We work in a documentary / alternative / photojournalistic type way. We see a wedding not as a one day event but as a lifetime investment! Check out our blog, our about page some info and of course check out some of the amazing couples like Mark and Rachel who we have had the great pleasure of working with so far. Get a feel for us, our work and what we are all about. We love what we do, we hope you love it too :)!



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Check out their awesome wedding videos by Cinematic tide! www.cinematictide.com

Mark and Rachel – You have my heart

from cinematictide on Vimeo.

Mark and Rachel – Celebration Edit

from cinematictide on Vimeo.

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